OTVar Test: Alone Together

“Alone Together Script” is a tattoo-like typeface with variable size swashes. It’s been designed and inspired during quarantine times regarding the matter and dedicated to good cause for the global community and meant to be a contribution; 50% of the net sales from the revenue goes to COVID related relief funds and/or individuals who are in need.

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Welcome to my site!

Hello, my name is Roland Hüse. I have been helping businesses strengthening their visual appearance and cutting through the noise with my work for 10 years now. Whether you are considering customizing, modifying, localizing an existing typeface or getting a new font designed from scratch that is exclusive to your business only,

my job is to create these kind of brand assets for you.

I would like to present you a few samples of my fonts for sale and you can also take a look at the services I am offering here.

I am looking forward to work with you soon,

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BIG LOViE launched in 2019, creating fantastically soft blankets adorned with uplifting messages. Our positive messages are a major cornerstone of our being; when developing our brand, we dreamed of a font that would convey our authentic voice of love, beauty and fun. As I started ideating on what that font might be, I came across Roland. He immediately understood the vision and created our BIG LOViE font that captures and shares our voice so perfectly. Beyond that, working with him was both easygoing yet professional; a pure delight. Thank you, Roland!

– Sheba C.E. Fideler, president, Sheba Concept & Design and co-owner, BIG LOViE

“I searched for a long time worldwide for the Designer that would understand me, and what my brand stood for.  Previously I had used large Corporate Marketing Companies, where I felt they did a good job, but never an amazing job.   I was just a number in their system, and I didn’t feel like I was the only client – so the personal service wasn’t there… I found Roland quite by accident, while looking for a Font for my new Branding.  When I found out he could do my Logo and Branding Styling I was excited, because I really loved his Font designs.  Roland understood my requirements, totally got me, and treated me like I was number one.  Through a series of sketches from his online sketchbook I was able to watch the process evolve.  During this time, I was able to signal to him what I liked and didn’t like.  One of his sketches caught my eye and I asked him to elaborate on it.  As it grew, I could see my Logo Design come to life and Roland absolutely nailed it!  From there, I have applied Roland’s designs to my Real Estate Agency business and everyone has connected with them and told me how much they love them, and the bottom line – I’m selling more houses quicker!!  The first house I applied Roland’s design to sold in 4 days!! ”

 – Diana Dugan Director, Diana Dugan Property Melbourne Australia.